What is Seedling Adoption?

Adopt a Seedling is a way to participate in reforestation programs by supporting the purchase of native Borneo tree seedlings, planting and maintenance for up to two years. With more tree seedlings, we hope that degraded forests will return to green and benefit us, the animals and the planet.Adopt a seedling can be a way to leave your green footprint on the earth, or a beautiful gift for your loved ones.


Why Plant Trees in Kalimantan with ASRI?

The cost of adopting seedlings including planting and 2 years of maintenance through ASRI is only Rp100,000 while elsewhere it is Rp200,000.

The bigger the tree, the more carbon it absorbs As the tree gets bigger, it will always absorb carbon. One large tree can absorb perhaps 3 or 4 tons of carbon

+/- 30 Tree Species per Hectare, Native Species, Supports endemic wildlife ecosystems such as Orangutans and hornbills.

Experienced Since 2009

When you partner with ASRI, you don't just plant trees. Local communities receive funding to do the planting. Some planting groups are led by women, and the work of planting trees demonstrates the transition from a negative impact industry to a sustainable economy. Furthermore, the adoption of your seedlings sometimes comes from patients who use them to pay for medical fees at ASRI Clinics. ASRI ensures affordable, quality healthcare that is accessible to all. Tree seedlings are not planted in monocultures but rather create a highly diverse tropical rainforest ecosystem, home to orangutans, hornbills, and other endangered species.

How to Adopt a Seedling?


Choose the type of tree you want to adopt. Fruit tree or wood tree


Enter the number of tree seedlings you wish to adopt


Fill in data regarding adopter name and donor data


Click the seedling donation button and complete the payment


ASRI will provide a certificate that can be downloaded immediately after payment is completed.

  • For planting one seedling of Kalimantan native fruit trees such as Durian, Cempedak, Jengkol, etc., and maintenance for up to 2 years until the tree grows strong enough, the adoption fee is IDR 75,000 / seedling.
  • While for planting one seedling of Kalimantan native timber trees such as Sungkai, Laban, Ubah, etc., as well as maintenance for up to 2 years until the tree grows strong enough, the adoption fee is IDR 100,000 / seedling.

Benefits of Seedling Adoption

These fruit trees are not only useful for contributing oxygen, sequestering carbon, but also supporting the economy of communities around the forest, as well as providing food for animals such as orangutans, monkeys, etc. This Borneo native timber tree will grow large for hundreds of years, and as long as it grows, it will continue to absorb carbon on earth. That's how long your green footprint will be left on this planet.